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San Fernando Valley

The Valley offers an eclectic mix of highly desirable properties, from vibrant urban areas to laidback suburban neighborhoods via luxurious star-studded gated communities.

Welcome to San Fernando Valley

Nestled against the stunning natural backdrop of the California mountains, the San Fernando Valley blends urban sophistication with suburban tranquility.
The Valley’s easternmost city of Burbank is popularly known as the media capital of the world, containing headquarters and production companies of media entities including Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, NBC, and Warner Bros.
The exclusive communities of Calabasas and Hidden Hills are home to scores of celebrity residents, with secluded estates tucked behind gated communities.
Encino is a quiet and self-contained neighborhood situated on the northern slope of Santa Monica Mountains. This area has a laid-back small-town feel, abundant green spaces and an assortment of delightful restaurants.
Woodland Hills is one of the Valley’s greenest neighborhoods, being surrounded by hiking and biking trails providing stunning views across the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains, while also offering huge shopping malls packed with upscale stores frequented by Hollywood superstars.
Family-friendly Sherman Oaks also has plenty to offer in the way of green spaces. Sherman Oaks is home to numerous trendy wine bars and chic cafes, all while being a short drive to Beverly Hills and Brentwood as this town intersect two major roadways- the 405 and the 101.
Toluca Lake is a luxurious and exclusive community beloved by Hollywood celebrities, offering architecturally charming homes and glorious upscale dining options.
Studio City is a vibrant seven square mile enclave full of urban sophistication. This neighborhood is rich in vintage boutiques, coffee shops, and family-friendly parks, including the world-famous theme park Universal Studios which is just minutes away and can be reached by foot from Studio City.


The diverse communities of the San Fernando Valley offer an eclectic mix of properties. Burbank has something for everyone, from classically Californian ranch homes and bungalows to downtown condos and townhouses. Calabasas is characterized by Mediterranean Villas with manicured lawns, while Toluca Lake developed from a neighborhood modeled on a Spanish-style village and has transformed into an upscale and secluded haven with a diverse mix of classic architecture. Some of the San Fernando Valley’s most exclusive properties are the 600 highly sought-after luxury homes comprising the gated community of Hidden Hills and the 35 expansive residences situated with a gated community to the south of Toluca Lake on Riverside Drive.
Elsewhere in the Valley, Encino is full of spacious single-family homes, while Sherman Oaks offers both large private homes and luxurious apartment complexes. Despite the urban character of Studio City, this neighborhood is home to many expansive luxury properties, with many showcasing cutting-edge architecture with large lawns and outdoor pools.