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An eclectic mix of neighborhoods in the one of the world’s most exciting cities.


Central and downtown Los Angeles not only includes the epicenter of the global film industry in Hollywood, the star-studded Hollywood Hills and the legendary nightlife of the Sunset Strip, it is also home to the historic charm of scenic Hancock Park, the diverse cultural enclaves of Mid-Wilshire, the laidback sophistication of hillside Los Feliz, the ultra-hip neighborhoods of Silver Lake and Echo Park, and the bustling central hub of downtown Los Angeles.

Central and downtown Los Angeles’ eclectic neighborhoods offer an endlessly exciting mix of trendsetting shops, restaurants, and nightlife. These communities enjoy the practically year-round glorious sunshine for which California is renown, wrapped up in the glamor of being surrounded by more A-list celebrities than any other city in the world.


As befits the eclectic charm of Los Angeles, the real estate portfolio varies drastically within central and downtown LA. Hollywood Hills is full of cutting-edge architectural masterpieces offering fantastic views across the city, while Hancock Park’s charm lies in the vintage glamor of its perfectly-maintained luxurious homes constructed in an array of 1920s architectural styles. Other areas such as Hollywood and Sunset Strip offer an array of property types featuring both modern and classic architecture.


Hollywood’s name is synonymous with the film industry and while most major studios have moved to other locations in Los Angeles, the neighborhood is still home to Paramount Pictures and is abundant in iconic scenery and homes once owned by the legends of cinema’s Golden Era.

Hollywood Hills’ luxurious homes, fabulous views, and proximity to various studios and production areas attract famous names such as Ben Affleck, Halle Berry, Kevin Costner, Salma Hayek, Quentin Tarantino, and countless other superstars.

The Sunset Strip is arguably the world’s most iconic nightlife district, full of legendary venues such as Cafe Trocadero, Viper Room, The Comedy Store, Rainbow Bar & Grill, and Whiskey A Go-Go.

Mid-Wilshire, often referred to as ‘Midtown,’ is one of LA’s most culturally diverse enclaves. Dense with a plethora of dining and shopping options, Mid-Wilshire is home to neighborhoods such as Little Ethiopia and Koreatown, which are packed with delicious and authentic international cuisine.

Los Feliz is a pleasant hillside neighborhood that offers small-town charm and independent book, record, and clothing stores, within easy reach of all central and downtown LA’s important districts.

Silver Lake and Echo Park are hip areas on the rise and are home to some of LA’s most trendsetting restaurants and nightlife spots. Property prices are steadily increasing as the area’s reputation grows. And at the heart of it all, downtown Los Angeles has undergone a renaissance in recent years, becoming a thriving hub of culture and commerce.